Monday, 3 February 2014

House guest!

We are looking after a friend's Alaskan Malamute, I walk her often anyway but this is her first proper stay with us :) I thought I'd use her as a kick-me-into-touch aid, with the target of getting out and about doing some decent mileage walking. So today, 14 miles and gosh I'm achey! Someone seems more tired than me and bar from wolfing her tea down she's hardly moved since we got back!

I took the OS map and planned a vague route in completely alien territory for the most part. The dog and I had some right adventures! Normally my other half takes control of the map when we're out and about so it was really good practice for me to be chucked in at the deep end! We only got lost a couple of times...And trying to fit a broad shouldered dog through stiles just wider than my leg is amusing...and time-consuming! Not much wildlife seen really, a bit disappointingly but the weather was pretty good so can't complain. Everywhere the ground is absolutely saturated after the huge amount of rain we've had over the winter so far.  Highlights included a Roe Deer early on on a golf course, a few Red-legged Partridges (my first of the year, yey!) and a very smart pair of Goosander.

A few pics!

Looking across towards Silsden

Very old...any ideas what it is?
A very scenic resting-place anyway!

You can see Cowling's Salt & Pepper Pots to the left of the horizon!

And some Brown Jelly Fungi I believe!
One very mucky pup 14 miles later, don't know who's more tired, her or me!

As for artwork, I'm currently still working on a commission of a very pretty subject...And a lovely Canadian lady purchased mugs for my first overseas order, exciting stuff!

Bye for now :)

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  1. A good walk there Meg and some good pics. Funny place to find an old army truck. hope you bath the dog before the owners come back