Tuesday, 25 February 2014

An Atlantic Puffin Study...so far

I'm just about to get back on with my latest wildlife portrait, "An Atlantic Puffin Study". I was lucky enough to spend two months working as a volunteer on Skomer Island (Wales) in 2011. I got to spend plenty of time getting to learn the quirky ways of the hugely charismatic Puffin. Fantastic little birds that spend most of their lives at sea and come to our islands only to breed and raise their Pufflings I didn't want to waste such an amazing opportunity to photograph these birds that are so unafraid of humans they will happily pose for the many tourists that flock to the island in the breeding season.

Here are a few pics of the drawing's progress so far...

We have an eye! The focal point of the drawing, I always like to have eyes done first :)
A filled in bill, normally very bright & colourful so intriguing to see how see how it would turn out in monochrome
Almost done!
Next up, a feeding pose with a beak full of tasty sandeels!
Addition of a preening pose, like the bird is wiping a tear from it's eye!
A peeking from burrow snapshot & last but not least, where the drawing is currently at, halfway through a takeoff pose!

More progress pics to follow soon when I crack on with the next stages of my Puffin Study, I hope you like it so far :)

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