Monday, 10 February 2014

Miss Muddy Madam Malamute

Can't believe a whole week has passed since my last blog post!

So last week Miss Muddy Madam Malamute and I managed 21 miles and today, seeing as a rare frosty day was bestowed upon us we thought we'd make the most of it. It was planned for her to stay with us a few days this week also as her owner had to make another trip away but it turns out that trip was cancelled so she could go back home this evening.

Blue skies and next to no wind, a perfect walking day and an opportunity not to be missed. A Chaffinch was heard for the first time this year singing its little heart out in the trees, plenty of Blackbirds, Blue, Great and Coal Tits too. A local walk of 7.5 miles, mostly across very waterlogged fields and muddy farms but a route I've been wanting to explore for a while having not done much of it before. A fair number of Fieldfare and Redwing still about, the highlight of the walk included 4 Buzzards circling on the thermals at one time before going their separate ways. Too far away to get any decent pics typically. I caught sight of two more much later on in the walk but by then I'd of course put the camera away when the best photo opportunity arose!

All squeezed up next to each other, reminds me of the roost under Aberystwyth Pier from my uni days!
Pretty Snowdrops
...and what happens when you attempt photography in a Madam's presence? Sorry what was that? You prefer these pretty flowers to my company? We'll see about that!! #plonk# I kid you not. No snowdrops were harmed..too the making of this photo :/
Looking out towards Cowling, Lund's Tower to the left.

Weather looks to be a bit rubbish over the next couple of days so plenty of drawing to be done. I'm nearly finished with a commission and then a few projects in mind, got to keep those pennies rolling...!


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    1. Cheers Brian, you don't see too many over this way so I couldn't believe my eyes when I was looking at 4, tumbling together and playing on the thermals against the blue sky, beautiful.