Sunday, 25 May 2014

Beetles, books & bikes in buildings!

Hope everyone's enjoying their Bank Holiday weekends so far, the rain is lashing down as I type but tomorrow promises to be brighter so hoping to get out for a wander with our fluffy Malamute buddy.

This last week has been mostly busy with newt and bat surveys. I was away with work for a couple of days and, as any fellow motorbikers will know, the question of bike security can often prey on the mind when needing to leave them parked up for any length of my very understanding boss (who used to ride motorbikes) came up with this solution before I did, much to my relief!

A snug fit...a vase of flowers was on the table on my return,
you'd never have know she was there!
Anyway, onto a few of my findings while out and about this week:

Cinnabar Moth
A Clouded Silver in my room!

A Great Diving Beetle larva, quite ferocious looking critters.
This one is taking oxygen in through a spiracle on its back end!
One of the hundreds of tiny pond snails we encountered at one pond,
that little speck to the top left of the photo is a baby version.
A pair of Great Crested Newts, the female I'm holding was huge
and longer than my hand!
A Stickleback fish
My reference books are coming in very handy these days,
especially the old Observer's Pond Life! Puffins still ongoing
in the background, working on them today.

Only a three day week for me this next week as I'm off down to that London to deliver my Gorillas to the Mall Galleries, it's literally only just properly sunk in now and it's a tad daunting! Country bumpkin in the big Smoke...but it will be good to go back as I used to visit it quite a bit when I was younger. I've no doubt we'll enjoy it, it's going to be an amazing experience amongst so many like-minded and talented folk, all raising money for the fantastic cause that is the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation.

I'll be posting here all about my visit so keep your eyes peeled!

Ciao fer now :)

Meg x

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