Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Aradia event, upcycling, orchids and newts!

Good afternoon! What a lovely week of weather we've had. Lots to talk about this week, I wish I had more time to post more than once a week but this seems to be the easier to keep up with at the moment...

So firstly, Aradia, the little gallery come home of delicious Tuscan treats, is holding a special event on 21st June, the Summer Solstice. A Facebook event has been created by the host and anyone is welcome so if you can make it we'd love to see you! Tickets will be £6 on the door and a fiver in advance, please email Karen at karen@aradiaglobal.com for tickets.

Aradia's wine-tasting event linky

A £50 gift voucher is being given away for anyone who brings 9 friends or more and £25 for anyone who brings 5 friends or more.Twelve new wines are being presented as well as the opportunity to see some of my work on display. I will have my Puffin Study completed by then too so I'll be bringing it along with me on the night!

A few pics from my travels out surveying last week...

Male Smooth Newt in a bottle-trap

Two male Great Crested Newts

Not ID'd these yet but there were loads growing out of dumped manure piles!

An Iron Bru river!

A whopper of a Drinker Moth caterpillar!

Pretty beetle & I'm pretty sure it's Carabus nemoralis

Northern Marsh-orchids

I took a trip to the Decorative Home and Salvage Show at the weekend in the hope of finding something a bit unusual for the bathroom but no luck, I did however manage to find a bargain couple of old boxes made of French oak...not sure if you can class it as "upcycling" but with a bit of hammery & sandy jiggery-pokery I turned them into shelves! We've needed a spice rack for ages so I was pretty chuffed with these :)

New spice rack & shelves!
We also took a trip to Gaping Gill in the Dales but I'll save that for another blog post as I've nattered on quite enough for one afternoon! Enjoy this lovely warm spring weather we're having, such a contrast to last year :)

Meg x

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