Saturday, 3 May 2014

Aradia Summer Exhibition & some Ecology

Evening! So a very busy couple of weeks has absolutely flown by, keeping very busy in my new ecologist job at the height of the survey season and the art is juggling along on the side too, I'm buzzing about like I don't know what of late but far better that than sat about twiddling me thumbs!

The latest news on the art front involves my new exhibition at Aradia, a source of exquisite Tuscan delights and a gorgeous space to present artwork. I am so pleased to be Aradia's "Summer" Artist of the Season until 1st August. On Wednesday I spent a few hours preparing my display and this is how it looks!

Just to give you an idea, much better if you can see it in person!

Aradia Global Ltd.
Chapel House, 70 Jagger Lane, Emley Moor, Huddersfield, HD8 9TF.

Aradia is situated almost directly below the Emley Moor Transmitting Mast so you can't go wrong finding the place :) Here's a picture I took the first time I visited, couldn't fit it all in the photo, my bike looks tiny!

Emley Moor Mast - A Grade II listed building and the tallest freestanding structure in the UK

 Anyway, enough about the mast! I have a selection of originals, prints and mugs on display and available to buy from Aradia until the 1st August. Aradia (Emley Moor, Huddersfield) will be celebrating this exhibition along with the presentation of some new wines on Saturday 21st June (Summer Solstice) so if you like art and more importantly, good, scrap that, amazing Italian wine then keep that date free in your diary!

Read more about Aradia and it's gorgeous array of Tuscan produce online here

And a few photos taken while I've been out surveying in my ecology job which I'm loving so far!

Translocating a female Great Crested Newt

Handsome Male GCN

Patterns in nature (acted of their own accord!)

A very obliging Field Vole, not camera-shy!

Heath Spotted-orchid I think, not yet in flower

Stunning Cowslips

Water Scorpion

That's all for now, hoping everyone is enjoyng spring in full flow! Nest building and chick feeding is all a-go-go in the garden, I'll leave you with this recently fledged Robin who was having its tea last night while I was doing the washing up, waiting patiently for its parent to come back with juicy green caterpillars! You can still see what's left of its bright yellow gape :)

Counting down the days until I deliver my Mountain Gorillas portrait to the Mall Galleries in London for the David Shepherd Wildlife Artist of the Year Exhibition!

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