Saturday, 14 February 2015

Toby's first week in his new home

Our lives have been turned upside down by our new furball, but we've loved every minute of having Toby and feeling very lucky to be able to provide this lovely boy with a home. In the space of seven days he's been everywhere with us, in two different cars, to the pub, to a busy reservoir, played in snow, played in rivers, mud and fields, met two new playmates AND a trip to the vets! Safe to say he's been a gem and settled in fabulously well, so pleased.

Some pics from Toby's first week...

Surveying the Tarn
First ride in the Disco...
Sleepy (again
The above picture is from today, we introduced Toby to Echo, a rather petite German Shepherd belonging to good friends of ours. Echo is also a rescue GSD and very vocal with other dogs. After initially barking her head off around Toby we went on a long walk to tire them both out with the intention of letting them both off once on neutral territory in a nice big field. Sure enough both dogs got on pretty well considering Echo's excitement tendencies, Toby took it all in his stride and we felt confident enough to let Echo in the house. After initial sniffing about the place both dogs settled down beautifully, very happy owners!!

Here pups! Great recall :)
With his new lady friend Echo
Toby has also been introduced to Maya the Malamute, another great success! So two new (lady) playmates for Toby = yet more exercise for our new pup :D A Valentine's week indeed!

The house feels complete with the addition of our canine friend...though I fear we may never be free of fur again...

Just a few spare hairs!

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