Wednesday, 11 February 2015

A new dog, a ringing tick and the last of the puffins!

We've had an exciting few days recently, welcoming a new addition to the family...Meet Toby-Wan Kenobi, well just Toby really - he's a white "champagne"  German Shepherd.

We've rehomed him and he seems to have settled in very well much to our relief! He's very, VERY furry. This was after 40 minutes work on him...

...and we appear to have a spare dog! This is mostly his undercoat, amazingly soft, the birds will make good use of it for nesting material come spring :)

Having had a German Shepherd before and knowing what fantastically intelligent and loyal companions they are, we had to have another. Toby certainly doesn't disappoint. Here he is on a walk today.

In other news, I've got my first ringing tick of the year, a mighty fine male Coot. Such strong birds with amazing legs and feet! He naturally left me a nice rich and green present on my leg as a thankyou for the silver bling ;)

And finally I'm able to show you the last updates on the progress of my Atlantic Puffin portrait as it is now...drum roll please....FINISHED! I only started it a year ago... Plenty of hours have gone into this piece of work I can tell you, worth it in the end I hope you agree. It's been a lot of fun bringing these quirky little sea parrots to life!

Seeing puffins in my sleep...

And here's the finished artwork, all framed up!
And for something a bit different, here's a short video of me in action, working on the puffin colony...

That's me for now, catch up again soon!

Meg x

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