Monday 14 July 2014

Born Free Foundation - 30th Anniversary

I can't believe it's been a whole month since I last posted, where on earth did that go! I thought I was doing well for a while too. So much has happened, Tour de France, an actual French holiday, an Aradia arty wine-tasting and plenty more besides! At least this means I'll have plenty to talk about when the ecology survey season is over and the nights are closing in...NOT that we're even thinking about that yet, I'm sure you're all loving this lovely summer we've been having so far in Blighty.

Anyway, I thought I really had better post about the grand day out I and the other half had in Matlock yesterday. Matlock is a very pretty part of the world, set on the edge of the Peak District, a National Park famed for it's rolling hills and plenty of other things...but I digress. Why were we there? To attend an event that was being held at artist Pollyanna Pickering's home, a beautiful country house with gardens surrounded by tiny roads and lush green fields. As part of the Born Free Foundation's 30th Anniversary celebratory weekend, Pollyanna hosted an Open Day, a ticketed event whereby people could browse a huge collection of her artwork and explore her stunning gardens. Virginia McKenna was a special guest, the lead actress in the 1966 film Born Free, which of course is what inspired the Foundation's creation in the first place. The true story starring Elsa the Lioness pulls on all the heartstrings, especially teamed up with the moving music composed by John Barry, a masterpiece.

Virginia and Bill

Joy Adamson

Born Free has always been a film I have watched with great fondness having seen it multiple times from being a young 'un. I never tire of watching it and I still manage to cry at every tearjerking scene, terrible softie I am but I know I'm not the only one. It really was a wonderful experience to meet the lady who did such a fantastic job of portraying Joy Adamson all those years ago. If you haven't seen the film, do. It's quite easily one of the best wildlife films in history, a real classic and one for all the family. This one, along with Ring of Bright Water are amongst my top films of all time (also starring Virginia and her late husband, Bill Travers).

A link to a special message from Virginia McKenna

Anyway, some piccies from the day.

Pollyanna presenting a huge cheque to Virginia,
a fantastic result
Will Travers, the President of the Born Free Foundation

Gorillas, a special spot for me!

Gorgeous fountain

Painted by Pollyanna
And my favourite pic from the day, such an honour
to see two so very inspirational ladies
bringing art and conservation together

I've got lots of ecology-related photos I've been wanting to post up but sadly they will have to wait until I can snatch another bit of spare time.

Oh, go on then, seeing as you twisted my arm, just a couple!

Large Skipper butterflies (I think!)
A sleepy Tiggywinkle

A Great Diving Beetle, quite frequent visitors to
our bottle traps

Side profile, gorgeous :)

I think I remember why I don't get round to posting too much, takes up a lot of time this blogging malarky! Hopefully worth it though.

Enjoy the rest of your week, I'll leave you with this: my trusty steed in a Tour de France Teaser, doesn't she fit in well with the colour scheme!

Tata for now, 
Meg x

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