Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Early morning Kestrel

This Kestrel has been a regular visitor to the field outside the house over the last couple of weeks, this morning it's hung about for the last hour and at one point hovered right outside the bedroom window while I was applying me makeup! Once again I'm wishing I could get some more detailed shots with a posher camera but I quite like these silhouettes!

I'm also see a Sparrowhawk fairly regularly, usually being mobbed by Corvids :)


  1. Always good to see a kestrel Meg and not easy to snap at a distance.
    Hope you did,nt smudge your Mascara with staring out of the window.
    Make a nice drawing, a hovering Kes.

  2. You're right there, I have so many subjects to choose from! And I only wear eyeliner so doesn't take me long, Kestrel didn't hang about too close for too long anyway, quite a shy bird methinks. Either that or it didn't want to intrude! ;)